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Crimes in Progress / Post-Crime

Step 1: Call the Police

Step2: Call the Patrols*

* Patrol cars often arrive in less than 5 minutes. Their hours are only published in our newsletter.


SAFER ROCKRIDGE contracts with a licensed, bonded and insured private security company to patrol the streets of Rockridge and some of its surrounds. If you live in Upper Rockridge, or in another neighboring area, please click here.

The primary purpose of the patrols is to create a visual deterrent to crime, to operate as our eyes and ears during peak crime hours, and when appropriate, to communicate and coordinate with the police. A patrol response is also available outside of patrol hours (24/7) for urgent matters (after calling OPD/BPD).

The patrol officers are unarmed, are prohibited from using racial or discriminatory profiling, and only intervene to protect someone from imminent physical harm. Patrol hours are published in our monthly newsletter.

This service is free to all but we only exist because of your generous contributions. Since inception in 2014, we have had over 650 contributors and 8 commercial sponsors. Please support us! SAFER ROCKRIDGE is a California non-profit public benefit corporation managed by local volunteers.

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