In the News

The Rockridge News, February 16, 2016.
Security Patrols to Continue, with Survey Results.
Page 5
The Rockridge News, January 3, 2015.
Patrols at Year 1 by Paul Liu.
Page 2.
Al Jazeera America, May 30, 2014.
Interviewed: Paul Liu.
The Rockridge News, April 5, 2014.
Safer Rockridge update. (light update)
Page 4.
The Rockridge News, February 8, 2014.
Paul Liu on patrol effectiveness.
Page 9.
The Rockridge News, December 7, 2013.
Letter to the editor from Laura Counts, Nicole Aruda and Susette Min, with response from Paul Liu and the other patrol organizers.
Page 2.
NPR, November 15, 2013.
Interviewed: Dakin Ferris, Nicole Aruda.