Please note that while the primary urgent support 24/7 dial-in service is available for all who are inside of the Rockridge service area, escort services are only for paying contributors.

You can request an escort at any time during patrol hours (see latest newsletter) by calling the number for the patrols listed above.

PLEASE NOTE: When not otherwise engaged during patrol hours, the Safer Rockridge may provide a safety escort to people within the patrol area. The safety patrols are intended to only be used in special circumstances and not for regular or routine transfers within the patrol area.

Anytime we pull an officer off their patrol means to some degree limiting the “visual deterrence” impact. Nonetheless, we realized that some circumstances justified diverting services for special circumstances. See someone suspicious? Do you have a “bad feel” that you don’t otherwise have?

A good rule of thumb would be that if you need the patrols for an escort more than once or twice a month, it’s likely something more routine and should be handled with personal resources. Please note, we do not take reservations for safety escorts. Just call them when you are ready to be picked up and ask if they are available!