About Us

Safer Rockridge is a California non-profit public benefit corporation that pools contributions from area residents and businesses to provide professional, unarmed security in Lower Rockridge.
Following a major increase in crime in Oakland that peaked in 2013, the Rockridge community organized a public forum and fundraising campaign to gauge support for the concept. The initiative enjoyed broad, though not universal, support from locals. Feedback indicated the community felt strongly that the security staff should be unarmed and that its basic patrol services should be available to all residents regardless whether they made financial contributions. From these cornerstones, Safer Rockridge was born!
You can read more about our history here, here, or here.
Although there is no mandatory fee for our services, please note we are 100% reliant upon your contributions and hope you will consider making a recurring monthly contribution of $30/month. All board members and volunteers are unpaid.